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All About Moi

Thanks for stopping by! This is me:

I know you’re just dying to know all about me, so here’s the rundown:

I’m a married, dog-owning vegetarian in my late 20s. I enjoy writing (obviously), reading (implied, I’m sure), cooking (two meals every night — one for me and one for my carnivorous spouse), and traveling (as often as possible, preferably to Europe). I’m an editor by day and a freelance copywriter by night. I live far, far south of the Mason-Dixon Line and consider myself a displaced New Englander. I like red wine, the Beatles, “Mad Men,” little black dresses, all things Parisian, and Oxford commas. But let’s get to the nitty gritty with the Proust Questionnaire

  • The principal aspect of my personality: Chronic dissatisfaction.
  • The quality that I desire in a man: Intelligence and hard work.
  • The quality that I desire in a woman: Intelligence and humor.
  • What I appreciate most about my friends: Ease of conversation.
  • My main fault: Procrastination.
  • My favorite occupation: Writing.
  • My dream of happiness: A cabin on Lake Tahoe, a large glass of red wine, and all afternoon to gaze out the window and pen brilliant things.
  • What would be my greatest misfortune? If I were never able to travel.
  • What I should like to be: A writer, living in a place that I love.
  • The country where I would like to live: Vive la France!
  • My favorite color: I wear mostly black. But I have a lot of red in my home.
  • The flower that I like: Any sort of orchid.
  • My favorite bird: Poe’s Raven.
  • My favorite prose authors: Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Hunter S. Thompson, David Sedaris, Jonathan Safran Foer, J.D. Salinger, Truman Capote, Jane Austen, Vladimir Nabokov…
  • My favorite poets: I have no patience for poetry.
  • My heroes in fiction: Holden Caulfield, Aticus Finch, Jake Barnes
  • My favorite composers: Chopin, Gershwin
  • My favorite painters: I have no knowledge of art.
  • My heroes in real life: Anyone with the guts to do what they were meant to do. Also, Anthony Bourdain.
  • My heroines in history: I don’t think I have any.
  • My favorite names: I probably like the sound of my own a little too much. Also, my dogs, Buddy and Beau.
  • What I hate most of all: Blind faith in conjunction with ignorance.
  • Historical figures that I despise the most: Prohibitionists.
  • The military event that I admire the most: V-E Day.
  • The gift of nature that I would like to have: Eternal youth.
  • How I want to die: After everyone else.
  • My present state of mind: Worried. Always worried.
  • Faults for which I have the most indulgance: Spending too much money and drinking too much wine.
  • My motto: “In the mind of a woman for whom no place is home the thought of an end to all flight is unbearable.” –Milan Kundera (Not so much a motto as a line that is forever floating around in my head.)

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